the Pinterest workout

Pinterest is an amazing thing. You can find inspiration, crafts, memes, and all sorts of stuff to waste your time on. I love it!

So in the interest of keeping a short, fun post today, I’m showing you some of the fitness-related (and yes, I use that term loosely. very loosely) memes and photos that I’ve found on Pinterest.

Yes, this totally counts as doing something active and healthy for your body! Think of it as a 45 second workout!! 

Exercise: the new version of drinking games! 

Doing 20-30 reps per side will seriously strengthen your core and get defined muscles. Doing 5-8 absolutely perfect and slow reps per side will whittle your waist without adding muscle size. Pick your poison!

This says 30, but it’s effective no matter what number you choose. You can even sit down in your chair and get right back up 20 times! It’ll still work your quads and your gluteals, creating a calorie burn and a revved up metabolism before you eat.

For all of us CrossFitters out there: good to remember 😉

True story!

Harsh, but true.

One of the most wonderful things to remember!!! ❤

Hydration is important! If these rascals can do it, so can you! 

When you’re a personal trainer, you hear a lot of this cr@p…

Never let your fear guide you away from something, let it guide you to conquer something!

So today, this post is short and sweet because it’s my son’s birthday! My little munchkin turns 7 today, and is seriously the most amazing person I know!!!

Happy birthday, buddy!! Mommy loves you!!! 

So today’s workout is running. I have no length in mind, but I want to run at a 9:00 pace for as long as my foot will let me. (Stay tuned for a post about how I went rock climbing today with my mom! My left foot is killing me right now from the shoes and the turnout, but totally worth the challenge of the climb!)

What’s your workout today?! Running? Kickboxing? Yoga? Don’t just sit there and let life pass you by! Get up and MOVE YOUR BOOTAY!!!

(But, hey, no judgement! How would I know if you’re having a scheduled rest day, just got over the flu, stayed up all night with a sick baby, etc? I don’t! And let’s face it, sometimes we mentally need a day off.)

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