Run Run Run to Lululemon’s Run Club

Tuesday night I went to Lululemon (yeah, I told you I’d do it!) to check out their run club. Lululemon Santana Row was having a social hour/Q&A session. No running shoes required! Thank goodness, because I was freakin exhausted! And they had cookies!!!


As per usual with Lulu, I made sure I had time to shop. And as per usual, I went a bit overboard. Hey, don’t blame me! It’s so easy to do!! I mean, come on, this is the company that I want to work for. Do really expect me to control myself in their stores? Pfft. Yeah right.

My loot? Thought you’d never ask!


A running dress?!?! YES!!! And it’s way more flattering on a curvy figure, if I do say so myself. So lightweight and comfy!!! 


I don’t know how I never got the Run: Swiftly tank before now. Awesome. Seriously awesome. 


The cutest and most flattering board shorts you’ll ever own. Each color is reversible to a solid and a print. I got the black simply because my fave bikini is all black. Matchy matchy.


A handheld with pocket for my short/short-ish runs. 

And the piece that I’ve been wanting for a while now, the hydration belt! 3 bottles, iPhone carrier, reflective race bib holder. Yes. Heather’s running in style now!!

Before this shopping trip, I had no actual hydration system for my runs. Which is pretty important. So, really, it wasn’t all that hard to spend the bucks on both a hand-held and a belt Amphipod.


Anyway, back to the run club!

The Santana Row Lulu meets up on Wednesday nights for track work and Saturday mornings for long runs. Which has 2 drawbacks. (I refuse to say ‘problems’)

First, their schedule is set to coincide with the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon. So since my half is about a month before the SeaWheeze, the scheduling is a bit off for my training. And second, I teach on Wednesday nights. Greeaaaaaat. So I’ll only be able to do their long runs on Saturdays. I’m hoping that once the weather starts really heating up the time on Wednesday night gets pushed another hour back. Then, I could teach AND run with Lulu!! Yay!

This will be my first time running with a run club. . . I’m kinda scared for the people I’ll be running with. 😉 I’m really looking forward to it!


Do any of you run with run clubs? Formal or otherwise? Any suggestions on what to expect? How to behave? How to secretly pick a wedgie or your nose? 😉

7 thoughts on “Run Run Run to Lululemon’s Run Club

  1. I’m thinking about joining a running club once I settle down in california in a few months, I heard it’s a great way to meet people plus it would be some great motivation not to skip runs! Also- I want those board shorts.

    • I’ve heard so many good things about run clubs, too. I’ll keep you updated on how this one turns out! I met a few of the women while I was there, and they all seem super nice and supportive! There was one girl who was telling me that she’s usually the last one, and that I can run with her any time! 😉 Plus, they were saying that the group doesn’t start it’s ab/boot camp stuff until every person has come back from their run. I’m really looking forward to Saturday morning! If you end up in Northern California, let me know!! 🙂

  2. There’s a Lulu run club in Orlando that I’ve been really interested to try out, but I haven’t been able to make the Wednesday meetup. One of these weeks I’ll make it happen though – it seems like such a fun resource that would result in some great training and some potential running buddies!

  3. The dress looks kind of short in the photo, whats the length when you tried it on? Loving the little hand held bottle! So stinkin’ cute I want to hug it 😀 I’m part of a local running group and enjoy every single workout with them. It’s great support and motivation!

    • I’m only 5 feet tall, so the dress was perfectly mid-thigh on me! Online they show the model wearing compression-type shorts underneath it, and the dress didn’t go too far past the shorts. If you wore longish compression shorts with it, it would look really cute! When you see it in person, it almost looks like it’s supposed to be a layering piece because of the fabric. Go in and try it on!

      Yay! More good feedback about running groups! So glad you found one and that you love it!

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