I wanted to provide you with a list of the blogs that keep me entertained (aren’t I a great hostess?!) 

Keep checking back for additions to the list!

Skinny Runner: This is the first blog that got me really interested in blogging. Written with a great sense of humor, well designed, and always a great read! (pictured on the left)

And on that note, the one on the left is RunEatRepeat! Another great blog about the bond between loving to run and loving to eat (I’m guilty! Especially about the eating part!) Great reading, great advice!

Once Upon a [Lime]: This is another running blog that I really enjoy. Perhaps it’s because the “[Lime]” reminds me of margaritas…

Carrots ‘N’ Cake: This blog is recent find, so I haven’t played around on it too much yet. but so far, so good! Some great insights, and pretty relevant to the way I try to live.

Moving With The Breath: One of the coolest people ever created this blog, all about fitness and health (and everything that those terms imply). Megan ROCKS! (I mean, instead of saying Megan Combies, her name badge at works says “Mega Cool”) One of the biggest hearts and greatest humors, Megan is someone you definitely want to get to know! In fact, here’s a pic of us at a pumpkin carving party… Megan’s the one who needs the caption “Get in ma belly!” above her head… 😉

Hungry Runner Girl: One of the many reasons why I really like this blog is because of the scientific info you’ll find! Not a lot of blogs can honestly say that they teach you about metabolic processes and what your body goes through. This one is pretty good! If you’re in to witty writing and learning while you’re being entertained, this is a great blog to read! (side note: I love the donut. Did you save one for me? LOL)

Shut Up + Run: has to be the funniest blog ever! Beth has to be one of the funniest people on the planet! A great mom, a great person, avid runner, and great blogger. Wanna hear about farting while running? This is your blog!!!

ChaCha: The blog’s name is Chasing Imperfection, but I always refer to it as ChaCha, which is the name she goes by 😉 Wanna see the funniest race photos? ChaCha has the best!!!! Funny pics and funny stories makes for a great read!

Add your two cents!

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