Nike Women’s Marathon 2012 and Nike Fuelband

Now that I’m done with the Jungle Run, at least until next year, it’s time to concentrate on training for the Nike Women’s Marathon. This will be my first full marathon, so this training will take it’s toll, both mentally and physically. Time to cowgirl up and start ramping up and running more than I’ve ever run before. Goodie. But, that also means that it’s time for new shoes! Score!

I’m really really really stoked that my feet were pain free the whole time while wearing my Mizuno Wave Creation 13s, so I’ll probably be really boring and buy the same shoes again. And I really like the pink color, too, so I’ll be super lame and get the exact same ones that I’ve just “retired.”

can you really blame me for wanting another pair? 😉

In hopes of kicking my training schedule’s bootay, I’m drooling over the the Nike Fuelband. Have you seen that thing? Snazzy! I could wear jewelry like that! 😉 It counts your movements and your (theoretical) caloric burn, and helps you meet and exceed your fitness goals! *I have to put in the disclaimer that no device made for mass consumption can get your exact caloric burn. Some things come really close, such as the BodyBugg, but nothing is dead-on.*

I just saw a video about the Fuelband today; check it out:

Yeah, after watching that agin, I’m making it happen. Beg, barter, or steal, that Fuelband will be mine! *insert evil laugh here* 😉

Have any of you ever used the Nike Fuelband? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? 

Today’s workout: TurboFire Greatest HIITS and lots and lots and lots of foam rolling. 😉

What’s your workout today? What’s keeping you active? 

My First Run Club

Despite having to set some attitudinal alarms for this morning, the morning of my first run club went quite well!

I left the house at 8:20 this morning for the Lululemon Run Club at 9. And honestly, the only reason I knew where I was going was that the Jungle Run starts at where we were meeting. Otherwise, I would have had to leave earlier to allow time to get lost. It’s tradition. I have to get lost wherever I go. 😉

I arrived at the track in plenty of time, which to me translates to: where’s the bathroom?! I’m telling ya, when you’re only 5 feet tall, liquids go straight through ya!

Our group consisted of Coach Lori (, 3 Lululemon educators, a Lululemon ambassador (the only guy in a group full of women, must have been so horrible, hehe), and what appeared to be his wife/girlfriend. Since 2 of the educators were new to running, we did a very easy 3 miler along the Cooper Trail. The trail that my first half marathon of the season will be on. Awesome! Training time! Jungle run, look out! I’m gonna kick your bootay!

I have never had a run where I could talk the whole way through. . . and I liked it! Granted, 3 of us ended up running together, so 2 were talking while 1 was catching her breath. But still, it’s new for me! And I’m totally addicted!!

With the incline that the trail was on, I probably would have run too fast from the start and would have walked my sorry butt back up the trail (we did an out-and-back). But since we were slower than I normally train, and I had some awesome people to keep me accountable, I never walked!

And my feet and calves? Not a single problem!! HALLELUJAH!!!

For all of you contemplating a running club, don’t think about it: JUST GO!! Seriously, I’m addicted. I’ve never had a better time while running!

So after I got home, it was errand city. I ended up taking my mom and my son to Fleet Feet to get my mom an actual pair of running shoes (I refused to let her run in her Sketchers or Keens anymore. I put my Mizuno’d foot down!) After shoe shopping (where my son discovered the amazingness of Strawberry Banana GU Gel, thanks to one of the sales associates) it was time for PetSmart, Trader Joe’s, deliver irises to a friend, dinner out, and then finally home again. Only to freshen up and then head right back out to celebrate my friend’s birthday!

Busy busy busy day!!

And now I’m about to get ready to take my son to my grandma’s house for Mother’s Day. My son loves his GG! (Great Grandma, GG, get it?)

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy Mother’s Day!!!

Do you go to a Run Club?

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Babbling About My Brooks.

Brooks PureCadence review:

Frickin kick-a$$ amaze-balls awesome.

I got these shoes because they were “recommended” by Shut Up and Run. Beth wore them, and I then went and checked them out. (Note: no one told me, “Heather, go out and try these shoes. They are the end-all to all of your problems.” Not even remotely close. Please don’t sue anyone.)

this is how much Beth SUAR loves her PureCadences

I am in complete agreement with Beth: they are VERY light weight! And so damn comfortable!!! In fact, they felt so great on my run this morning that decided to wear them to school, too! I park on the complete opposite side of campus than my Tuesday classes are since Tuesdays are usually so full that I don’t work out. This at leasts forces me to get some hilly walks in. I was light and bouncy across campus! The walk normally takes me about 7 minutes, and it only took me 4 today. Booya!

I love the teal color, and LOVE the 4mm heel drop. I have to have flat shoes since I have problems (Plantar Fasciitis), but I also want cushion for my long runs. They seriously feel like you’re walking and running on air!! My feet were singing with the angels when I put these on! Either that or I was hearing the Phineas and Ferb theme song from the living room. . .

I have tried all sorts of shoes. From Nike to Adidas; New Balance, to Inov8; Vibram to Asics. I have shoes that I love, shoes that I like, and shoes that are “eh, not a total waste of money.” The PureCadence falls in the “I’m freakin wearing them to bed” category. I have NEVER run in shoe that has more cushion.

There’s not a whole lot of arch support, so if you’re high-arched, these probably aren’t going to be very comfortable for very long. Brooks has other shoes in the Pure series that will probably work out better for you. The band that wraps around the foot has a great supportive feel to it! Just don’t wear them all day if your feet tend to swell slightly when you sit for long periods. (Half way through my accounting class, I had to excuse myself to loosen the laces a bit. As soon as I was back up on my feet, they felt fine again, in fact, kinda loose.)

Please note that I am VERY used to flat shoes, so I had no “getting used to” period with these shoes. It is NOT recommended that you go “balls-to-the-wall” in these shoes if you are used to having a heel. Please break your calves and Achilles into these shoes slowly.

I won’t say, “Run out any buy these right now!” but I will say, “Go to your nearest and dearest running store and see if these shoes fit your foot and gait right!”

The shoes come in 3 colors (as of right now) in the women’s version. I love the teal ones, and I’m seriously thinking that I need the purple ones, too. . .

I think now’s a great time to add the video that Brooks has on their website for the PureCadence, don’t you?

Have you tried these shoes yet? Think you might in the future? 

Happy HumpDay! Any plans for the weekend?! 🙂