One minute I’m recovering from a quad strain, and the next, it’s 2013. Holy friggin cow. Where’d the time go?!?!

So for the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a few family tragedies, transitioning jobs, and transitioning schools. It’s been quite chaotic, hence the blogging hiatus. But now I’m back, and read to kick some bootie! Let’s get down to business!

2013 New Year’s Resolutions Goals!

  • Race each distance: 5k, 10k, 13.1, and 26.2. While I completed the Nike Women’s Marathon in October, it wasn’t my finest moment. (Physically or mentally!) Let’s just say that I’m glad I did it, and I honestly thought about dying. [Dear Random Team In Training Coach: THANK YOU for telling me how little I had to go until the finish!! I honestly had no idea where I was, and you seriously gave me a boost!!!] I told myself that the NWM was the only 26.2 that I’d ever do. But then I decided that I was not going to accept a crappy race. I will do one more. And I had better have a kick ass experience! 😉 And believe it or not, I’ve never competed in a 10k. I’ve done all the other distances, and definitely run bunches of 10k distances, but never for a race. So that’s on my goal list. 😉
  • Participate in the #Digital40Days. I read about a yoga challenge through the Lululemon Blog, and I figure it’s a great way to do something different, and create some much-needed calm in my life! Bring on the BLISS!!! It’s free to join the challenge, but for those who want more, there’s more incentive to pay for the extensive program. Come try it with me!
  • Eat Clean, 80% of the time. Let’s face it. I’m not giving up my red wine or my dark chocolate. It’s just not going to happen. But, I can control my eating so that I can still succeed in fat loss and strength gain. By knowing that I’m going to indulge from time to time, I can stick to eating clean easier. [Notice how I said “easier”, not “easy”. There are some times where it’s going to be rough. Accept it and move on.] I picked up a copy of Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. I’m not going Paleo, but I really like getting new ideas for gluten-free foods and ways to prep veggies. Breakfast this morning? The Blueberry Lemon Muffins. Verdict? AMAZING! My son is gluten sensitive, and both of us get bored with the same foods over and over, so getting new gluten-free ideas helps keep eating fun 🙂blueberry lemon muffins

For now, those are my goals. I’m sure I’ll come up with smaller, more specified goals throughout the year. That’s what’s great about goals: create ’em, crush ’em, create more!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot the most important goal for 2013! Take my family to Disneyland!!! Spending time with the people most important to me at the happiest place in the world. . . Can’t go wrong!!! 🙂

I hope you are having a fabulous start to the new year! Cheers to health and happiness!!


What are your goals for 2013?

Victoria’s Secret VS Dove


Am I the only one who thinks that the VS models look sick?

I’m sure the VS models work their incredibly gifted asses off to look the way they do, but we need to get serious about what beauty (and health!) look like for the majority of society. You don’t have to be 50 pounds to be happy.

Make health your priority, focus on strength and flexibility, and let your body decide what shape it’s going to take.



Changing Status Quo

I’ve written posts before about super-skinny models being banned from advertisements in Israel, the ban on model’s under 15 from Vogue, and the Dove Beauty Campaign. But I think this one takes the cake. The big, fat, Costco-sized, cake.

Beauty doesn’t have a size restriction. Little-by-little I think we’re making progress in showing women that beauty starts on the inside.

When I first saw this picture, I thought, “wow, she’s really pretty. And that color looks great on her!” This model, Robyn Lawley, is also 6’2″ (which makes her a whole 14 inches taller than me. wow) and she’s a size 16. And now, Lawley is the first “plus-sized” model for Australia’s publication of Vogue. On the cover. Not only is Vogue branching out from skinny models, but they’ve put a larger-than-typical “plus-sized” model on the cover. (The average “plus size” model is about a women’s size 10. The size that Marilyn Monroe was.)

Vogue Model Robyn Lawley’s Plus-Size Lingerie Campaign. Total Game Changer | Fashion – Yahoo! Shine.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more “plus sized” models in fashion?

I’ll watch soccer if I get to see David Beckham

Okay, seriously? I’m not a big soccer fan. Call me crazy, but I’m one of those people who think us Yanks should call it “football.” But, being an American, I also realize that what in the world would we call the game that I idolize Joe Montana for?

As a non-soccer enthusiast, I’ve noticed a great deal of Americans who are only soccer fans when Hope Solo does something totally kick ass, or U.S. soccer is about to get to the World Cup. Funny how that happens. . .

That being said. . . How can I not love David Beckham?!?! Especially when he does something like this?!?!

Which athlete would you like to meet? i wanna meet Joe Montana, Grady Sizemore, and David Beckham 🙂

Buti Workout

If you read Shape Magazine, you’ve probably already seen Buti mentioned a few times. And for a good reason, too! It’s no joke! These workouts will seriously burn and sculpt!

And it only takes one look at Bizzie (the creator of Buti Fitness) to realize that she’s doing something right:

Keep in mind that Bizzie (whom I now refer to as The Blonde Wonder-Woman) is a very talented yogi, so all of her yoga moves are shown at advanced stages. Just do what you can, modifying when you need to. Please don’t injure yourself. 😉

Today’s workout:

Pick one of these videos to do. Follow it up by completing the other one tomorrow!

Now, get your mat, get your timer (if you’re doing Sculpt), your water, your Big Girl Panties, and LET’S GO!!!


<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/45480883″>Sample BUTI Tone Workout</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user12458358″>Bizzie Gold</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/45480884″>Sample BUTI Sculpt Workout</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user12458358″>Bizzie Gold</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


So, how do you feel?*

*sexy, powerful, and totally kick-ass the correct answer 😉 But I’m open to other adjectives 😉

T minus 8 Days

I’m now at one of my favorite parts of racing. . .

Making my playlist!

I don’t always run with music, so it makes music a big motivator for me! I’m putting together my playlist for my first half marathon of 2012. Wow, that makes it sound like I doing a lot of ’em this year. . . Honestly, I’ve got the Jungle Run Half on the 15th, then nothing ’til October when I do the Nike Women’s Marathon (my first full 26.2!), and then ending the season with the Santa Barbara International (I’m doing the half).

I’m up for suggestions of events in NorCal for all the times in-between!!!! 😉


So here’s a peek at my playlist so far:

I want to make sure I’ve got 3 hours of music, and then put it on shuffle, so that way I don’t hear the exact same songs in the exact same order as my trial run next week. (I like to make sure that I don’t think a song is great only to find out at mile 9 that it’s too slow and ruins my vibe. Yes, it’s happened before.)

And here’s where we come to the GoodNews/BadNews.

One thing making me nervous. . . My quad decided to check out a couple weeks ago. Translation: my quads hate me. I’m a visual person, so in really technical doctor-y speak, here’s what’s going on:

I see a sh*t load of foam rolling in my immediate future. And ice. I have to get to the store to get ice. . . So my goal for this year’s Jungle Run is the exact same as last year: finish without crawling across the finish line. I managed it last year off of foot surgery, with no training, so this year should be okay. Key word: should.

The cool news is that a few of the kickin’ ladies from the Lululemon Run Club are doing the half, and some are doing the 10k! So I’ll be with really supportive people that I’m already used to running with! Yay!! So between my music in one ear, and catching up on gossip in the other ear, I think I’ll be well distracted and motivated! 🙂

Lululemon actually sends these signs to their stores for their educators to use at local races! Isn’t that totally kick a$$?! 🙂

What race are you looking forward to?

What songs are musts in your running playlists? 

Flags and Fireworks

Happy Independence Day!!!

My military friends and I have a special tradition for this special holiday. A tradition near and dear to my heart. Perhaps my most cherished tradition of any holiday or event. . . Starting the night before Independence Day, we start texting each other and posting on Facebook. . . Quotes from 1996’s Independence Day.

It goes something like this:

And so the rest of my day will continue much of the same! I love Will Smith, but he’s never had a movie with greater lines then him pulling an unconscious alien’s ass through the desert. Sorry, there’s just no way to top that. 😉

My Independence Day this year will consist of a short run, a meet up with a friend who’s back in town, a fireworks show in the nearby town (California’s pretty stringy with fireworks. . . We’ve got too many idiots here for it to be safe, I guess 😉 ), and finally sitting down to watch Independence Day. Oh come on, you had to have seen that last one coming!

Also today: I had a pleasant surprise! I’ve been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award!

I’ve been nominated by Serena, from SerenaRuns! Thank you! Once nominated, you share 7 things about yourself, and then nominate 7 more bloggers. Here goes! Hope you’re ready!

1. When I’m bored, I do handstands. There’s just something so amazingly childlike and freeing when you kick yourself up into a handstand. And if it’s a good day, or just a day when I’m super bored, I’ll do handstand walks and handstand push ups. The only downside to this is that my dogs (a Great Dane and a Saint Bernard) think it’s awesome, too, and want in on the action. . . That can get pretty interesting pretty quickly. . .

2. My favorite exercise is a dead lift. I don’t care if it’s standard or Romanian. I love me some dead lifts!! Right now my PR for a standard dead lift is 102#, but I’m hoping I can hit that out of the water soon.

3. I don’t like raspberry-flavored things. I love raspberries, but I cringe at the fake-syruppy taste of raspberry flavoring. This applies to coffee, pastries, and whatever else people think raspberry flavoring should be added to. Ew. Now grape flavoring on the other hand. . . I love! 😉

4. I’m trying to eat more Paleo. I’m not putting any strictness into it right now, just kinda trying it on for size. So far, so good, but I haven’t tried to make any Paleo breads yet. Have you ever bought Almond Flour?! Holy crap! It’s expensive!! But ce la vie. I’m sure my Zucchini-Cranberry Bread is going to kick major bootay. 😉

5. I used to be vegan. Now you can see why I’m not being too strict on the Paleo. I was a vegan for over a year, and only stopped during a pretty hectic wedding season. Helping at and attending weddings where you couldn’t eat anything (I’m talking even the salads had eggs, bacon, and cream dressings already mixed in) was making me pretty sick. So I started to add non-meat items in and just be a vegetarian for the wedding season. And then it just slowly morphed back into regular eating. But I still won’t eat pork. No way. And I still feel really bad for all the animals. So any meat I eat is grass-fed and organic certified, all the eggs free range and vegetarian fed.

6. I’m a sucker for Nora Roberts! I love reading, and I love love love Nora Roberts!!! I read and re-read all of her books! But I especially love her books that she writes under the name J.D. Robb. The main character is Lieutenant  Eve Dallas, a homicide cop for New York City. All of these books are in the “In Death” series. All the titles start with “In Death”. Makes it kinda hard to keep track of which one is which, but you get the hang of it. I love that series so much that I’ve even named my car Dallas. 😉

7. I have 3 Nautical Stars tattoo’d on each foot. I got them done when I realized that no matter where I travel to and move to around the world, I always end up coming back to my hometown in California. Nautical stars were (actually, probably still are) a good luck charm for a sailor to find their way home safely and swiftly. So I’ve got stars on my feet so that no matter how far my travels take me, my feet will always find their way home. 🙂

So there you have it! 7 things you probably never needed to know about me! 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!!! What are your holiday plans? 🙂

‘Fatkini’ Trend

Oh, I sure hope this stays around!!!

We all come in different packages, and we need to love our bodies! True health comes from a combination of proper nutrition, physical activity, and great mental attitude.

Gabi Gregg, Blogger Who Started ‘Fatkini’ Photos, Talks Body Image On The ‘Today’ Show (VIDEO).