This is me, running my patootie off in my first half marathon, The Jungle Run in Los Gatos, Ca, July 10, 2011

Here’s a list of my events in 2012 and 2013. Come on out and join me! 

She.Is.Beautiful March 25, 2012. I’m running in their 5K, just to get the running juices flowing. This will be what kickstarts my half marathon training. It’s held along WestCliff Drive, an area that I normally run. Great views, great location. You can read the recap here.

Gladiator Rock’n Run 6k May 20, 2012. This was a blast!!! I signed up the morning of after being asked to do it 2 days before. Awesome. Training? Nope. This was a 6k with 17 obstacles. I was covered in mud, dirt, sweat, hay, bruises, and I’m pretty sure some cow dung was in there, but I’m not even going there. If it weren’t for a few strangers, I’d probably still be stuck in one of the industrial dumpsters. I’m already looking for the next obstacle race to sign up for! So much fun!! You can read the recap here

Bob, Stacy, Hoyt, me, Wes, Mark

The Jungle Run 13.1 July 15, 2012. This will be my second half marathon, and second time running the Jungle Run. REALLY looking forward to killing it this year! Now that I know the course and I know how the event works, I’m ready to dominate! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that my Plantar Fasciitis cooperates… 

Nike Women’s Marathon 2012: This is my first marathon!!! I’ve registered as a college student (which I am… still) so I bypassed the lottery. This will be very challenging both mentally and physically: my first marathon is FILLED with hills. Big hills. Crap. Here goes!!! It’s gonna be a blast, and I’m so lucky to have this race in my backyard!!

Santa Barbara International Marathon & Half Marathon 2012: I’ll be running in the half marathon event for this years’ SBIM. I’ve only ever driven through Santa Barbara, so I can’t tell if I’m looking forward to the race or my mini family vacation more… This is probably one of the prettier places that I’m dragging my family to, and I’m looking forward to seeing the city and having a great race! 

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