It’s no secret that I love social media outlets. I try and keep up with celebrity gossip, and I am a slave, uh, “avid participant” to Pinterest! So this page is essentially an extension on my need for motivation. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like to see celebrities working out or awesome people kickin ass?! 

this woman is seriously aahhh-MAZing!!! She is doing incredible asanas, all while looking borderline bored… I think this is the most beautiful yoga I have ever seen!

It’s always good to remember that not only do celebrities have personal trainers, personal chefs, and a busy lifestyle that keeps them active, but they also have unlimited access to photoshop. Not mentioned as photoshopped, but noticeable: her thighs, calves, and arms are thinner, too. Quit beating yourself up. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile. It’s still a mile!” Get up! and keep going!!!

I have no idea who this incredible chicka is, but, OMG! Talk about fitness!!!

This is always a very valid point, that I think most of us tend to forget:

And in case you’re wondering, this is my definition of “hot momma”:

One of my fave actresses, Jessica Biel, makes workout look goooooood. She constantly works out outside, and you can see her doing lots of different activities. But the one thing that you will see her do all the time is RUN. And boy, she makes it look so effortless! For that fact alone, I’m not on speaking terms with her 😉 And we’ve got Renee Zellweger, another actress who loves to run! Yeah, I’m not on speaking terms with her, either. 😉 But seriously, Renee, it’s called an iPod… 

Jeff Galloway, an amazing runner, coach, and athlete has some pretty good words of advice…

I simply adore Jennifer Aniston! Her personality, her fitness, her healthy lifestyle, and she’s always just so damn giving and cheerful and open minded and big hearted and… and she’s got a killer bod! It’s been in the press recently that Jen has sponsored her yoga guru,  Mandy Ingber, release a DVD based on the yoga that got Jen in amazing shape. If you want to check it out, you can find it on

While we’re talking about Jen, let’s also take a look at her running. Cuz, I don’t know about you, but I never hear about her doing really anything other than yoga and Pilates. 

And we’ve got the ever-amazing, legs out the wazoo, Carrie Underwood! Here she is playing softball for the Grand Ol’ Opry. Way to go, Carrie! My eyeliner would be smeared to my ears and my hair would be a rat’s nest… guess that’s why I’m not a celebrity… 

Here’s a quick vid by Jennifer Aniston’s yoga guru, Mandy Ingber, showing some moves that she uses with Jen to get a sculpted upper body:

Here’s Teddy Bass, Cameron Diaz’s trainer, on 3 moves that he uses with Cameron:

Gunnar Peterson, a really popular celebrity trainer, show’s 3 of the ab moves that he uses with Minka Kelly:

Interested in a 10-minute full body workout?! It’s touted as the Victoria’s Secret Model Workout– I’m SO there!!! Make sure that you’re holding in your abs, chest up and open, and don’t forget to breathe! 

For effective spinning, make sure to hold in your abs and remember to breathe!!

A quick workout that will kick your bootay!!!! Get a bit lower in your squats than she does, though. If you need to sacrifice speed for depth, then so be it, just get nice and low! 


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