Protein Shots and Jello

You know the warm jello liquid, all sweet and delicious, in that moment right before it goes into the fridge to set into jello? I used to love taking sips of that. What? Am I alone here? Liars. I am not the only one who drank the jello juice. 😉

Last night I taught a class similar to my Tabata Hell class. Tabatas, barbells, hand weights. Yes, I am sore right now. It was freaking awesome! (there’s a breakdown of class at the end of this post) I typically do the kickboxing class that happens right after my class, but what I taught really kicked my bootie, so I only did half of Megan‘s TurboKickboxing class, and then walked home (it’s a nice 20 minute walk, perfect for cooling the body down.) I wanted to stay for the whole class, but I was hitting the wall. Plus, I wanted to get home in time to watch So You Think You Can Dance. 😉

When I got home, I started to think, “What the hell am I going to eat? I need some major protein right now, but really don’t feel like cooking. . .” Insert “DUH” moment here. I had a Protein Shot from my Bulu Box waiting in the cupboard for me! YAY!!! So standing at the counter, I popped that sucker open.

Here comes the explanation of that jello comment earlier. The Fruit Punch Protein Shot tastes EXACTLY (and I really do mean EXACTLY) like warm liquid jello!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! Since it was so sweet, and really concentrated, it took me about an hour to finish it. Since it’s only 2.5 oz, you’d think I could drink that in less time. But it was just toooooooooo sweet for me to really knock it down.

But I’m totally sold on it. I think next time I have one, though, I’m going to dilute in a bottle of water first. I could really get spoiled with 25g of protein in one little bottle! So if you ever come across Protein Shots, get one! Or three! 😉

So coming back to last night’s class. Here’s the breakdown of the torture that ensued:

~Warm up

~Tabata Squats

~3 mins Barbell Pilé with Overhead Press

~Tabata Pushups

~3 mins Barbell chest press

~3 mins hamstring curl with biceps curl on step with risers

~3 mins Barbell biceps curls and platter lifts

~3 mins knee lifts with triceps kickbacks on step with risers

~3 mins Barbell skull crushers

~1 mins jumping jacks with overhead press

~3 mins Barbell standing oblique crunch

~3 mins crunches and leg lowers


It was an amazing class last night!! I love my 24HF peeps! I can throw anything at ’em! And they’re just like, “Sure, Heather! Let’s crush it!” So try this exercise list today! Give yourself a good hour to do this, make sure you have your water bottle, too! Pull your abs in, stand tall, squat low, and CRUSH IT!!!

Have you tried Protein Shots? What’d you think?

What’s your favorite Barbell move? 

Tabata Hell

So what’s a girl to do when she’s only got 2 days until her half marathon???

Teach a Tabata Hell class, of course!!! 😉

This morning, I subbed a strength training class for my friend and mentor, Megan (she’s the most amazing person you’ll ever meet, and the reason why I got into and stay in the fitness field). On Wednesday, I texted Megan and asked if her class was the type to expect anything and roll with the punches. In short, I asked if they’d be up for Tabatas. 😉 Megan replied that, yeah, they’re up for it! And in fact, they haven’t had to do them in a while, so give ’em hell! (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s totally how I interpreted it!)

I can honestly tell you this: everyone worked their asses off, had a great time, and got an aMAZing workout! And no, no one’s arms fell off, though I’m sure it was a close call at times 😉

Here’s your Friday the 13th Challenge:

You’ll need a mat, a barbell with varied amount of weights, a timer set to Tabata intervals (20 sec work, 10 sec rest, total of 8 sets; I use the Gymboss Timer App on my iPhone; you can download it here, and a kick-ass-take-no-prisoners attitude!

*note: all Tabatas are non-weighted!! Your own body weight is challenging enough! Do it fast, controlled, and keep your midline (aka CORE) tight and fired up!!! The barbell exercises are noted with “BB” and are steady paced for 3 minutes, no resting.

Start with a 5 minute warm up of pliés, Romanian dead lifts, light lunges, high knees marching.

  • Tabata: air squats

    a perfect air squat!!

  • BB: Plié with overhead press

    this shows a squat, but I want your legs wide and feet/knees turned out into a plié

  • Tabata: push ups

    do a real push up! Get your chest to tap the floor!!!

  • BB: Chest press with static bridge lift hold

    except you’ve got a barbell ant aren’t wearing silver spandex, riiiiiight? 😉

  • Tabata: mountain climber

    alternate legs and go as fast as you can! keep your bas squeezed and jump/run those legs!

  • BB: Romanian dead lift with bent over row (alternate 16 dead lifts with 8 rows)

    go from standing to “A” 16 times, on the 17th time, do “B” 8 times. Repeat.

  • BB: standing oblique crunch (barbell on shoulders, bring elbow down to side of hip)

    put the barbell on your shoulders (as if you were about to do back squats) and crunch down, alternating sides

  • Tabata: crunches

    instead of pushing your low back into the floor, think about pulling your belly button into your low back. SQUEEZE!!!!

  • Tabata: reverse crunches

    use the contraction of your abs to pull your hips off of the floor, not the strength and momentum of your legs! again, SQUEEZE!!!

  • 4 3-count supermans, 1 10-count superman, repeat for a total of 2 sets

    yes, it’s a crunch for your low back. it’s going to burn. trust me, you want to feel the burn on this one! it’s good for a healthy back!!

So, how do you feel?! 😉 *insert evil laugh here* Make sure you stretch your whole body, really well, to prevent any soreness!

Yes, this workout is hard. It’s supposed to be. Doing the Tabatas is going to rev up your metabolism to a fat-burning inferno!!! You may notice that your heart rate is sightly elevated for the 24 hours—totally normal!! In fact, that’s a good sign that you worked hard and your body is in calorie-torching more!!

Class, as you can guess, was awesome this morning!

true story 😉

So while everyone else gets to go home and rest and prep for their next class, I’m at home popping Advil and praying that I’m not too sore for Sunday’s half marathon. Oops. 😉 But my feet feel great, and my quad didn’t give me any attitude during class, so I’m taking that as a good sign!!

What are your plans this weekend?!

Happy Friday the 13th!! 😉

Full body toning!

Welcome to Thursday afternoon!!! You’re on the downhill slide of the week, and so far you haven’t killed anyone (or at least, you haven’t been caught!) so I say you deserve a high five!! Or, a really kickbootay workout… In my world, they’re kinda the same thing. 😉 

Grab a stopwatch (or iPhone timer), bottle of water, a mat, some light-to-medium hand weights, put on your fave music, and let’s get started!!!

Feel free to email me with any questions!!!

Warm Up:

1 minute (yes, seriously, 1 whole minute. Time it. It’s longer than you think it is) jogging in place or jump rope. Opt for the second option is it’s available. You’re here to work; you might as well!

10 10-second planks. Knees or toes. Keep your abs in towards your spine, back in a natural position, and squeeze your glutes.

10 push-ups

Work Out: 3 rounds, with 45 seconds rest between rounds

2 minutes: Alternating Curtsey Lunge

1 minute: mountain climbers. Hold your abs in!!!

2 minute: sumo deadlift high pull (you don’t have to be this powerful… just boxes 1,2, and 4 should work for you today)

1 minute: push ups



Cool Down:

10 push ups

10 10-second side planks (alternating sides)

1 minute high-knee marching, quick but not rapid pace.

Hopefully you got in a great workout!! I want you sweating and to know that you worked!! You should feel a bit tired, but if you had to you could do another round… maybe. 😉

I’m trying out recipes for cookies and sweets using protein powder instead of cocoa, so stay tuned! If any of ’em turn out okay, I’ll post the recipes!!

Arm jiggle be gone!!!

I just got home from a kick a$$ workout of TKB with Megan!!! Seriously, you’re missing out of you don’t get tortured workout with the beautiful and spunky Mega Cool! 

i wish i looked this good while doing back bends!!! way to go, Megan! 

So now that I’m pumped and ready to go, what does that mean for you? It means it’s time to kill those arms!! No more arm flab wavin’ in the wind!

Yesterday we worked our legs, now today we’re going to work our arms! 

The key to getting some great lookin’ guns is to keep everything in proportion. No more doing bicep curls and triceps kickbacks while ignoring your shoulders, back, and chest! Every muscle in our body deserves our love, so by golly, we’re gonna show ‘em some love!! 

For today’s workout, we’re going to tone your upper body. We’ll work on strength another day. For today, we’re gonna tone up what we’ve already got. Please note that the pics that I am using show women using weights– THIS WILL BE COMPLETELY EFFECTIVE WITHOUT WEIGHTS!!! Do not feel like you need to use any weights! Work your way up to using weights! 

Same deal as yesterday: grab your stop watch, your water, a mat, and let’s GO!!! 

Warm up:

10 bird-dogs

6 10-second planks

10 push ups

30 jumping jacks


20 straight arm triceps presses: keeping abs pulled in, hips supported, knees bent softly, push (straight, not bent!) arms straight behind you as far as they’ll go. Pulse at the top range of motion.

30 jumping jacks

20 ceiling punches: keeping arms bent, move whole arm so that your fists go from your    eyebrows to the top of your head. Keep elbows in front of armpits! The smaller the range of motion, the better!!! Pulse quickly!!

10 push ups

20 bent arm butterflies

20 mountain climbers

30 bent arm forward circles: keeping arms firm and supported, with bent elbows, move arms forward in small circles. (Just don’t sit down like shown, stand up! You’ll burn more calories and use your core!)

30 jumping jacks

30 bent arm backward circles: keeping arms firm and supported, with bent elbows, trace small circles in the air with your fists, going backwards. (Just don’t sit down like shown, stand up! You’ll burn more calories and use your core!)

20 mountain climbers

30 shoulder scaption with shrug: raise straight arms up from legs to eye-level at a 45 degree angle (imagine going to give someone a big hug). While arms are raised, shrug shoulders to ears. Lower all at once.

Cool Down:

30 jumping jacks

10 push ups

6 10-second planks

10 bird-dogs

One HUGE key to getting results is to understand and know what types of results you’re looking for. If you’re looking for sleek, toned, non-bulky arms, then this should be a workout that you repeat a couple times a week. On that note: no matter what results you’re looking for, you need to keep thing varied. I’ll keep posting workouts for you, and I want you to keep rotating through the workouts. Variety is the spice of life! Keep your workouts varied!!! 

And as always, email me with any and all questions and comments!! 

Have you tried any of the workouts that I’ve posted? Thoughts?! 

Let’s talk LEGS!!!!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about core. Yes, the core is an incredibly important aspect of physical fitness and health. Keeping your abs, back and hips working efficiently and effectively is very important. That being said… 

Looks have to account for something, riiiight? I mean, come on. Be serious. A lot of our perception of ourselves is in how we think we look. (But I’ll save how we view ourselves versus how others view us for another post.) If we aren’t confident in how we look, we aren’t confident in how we feel. So today, let’s work on that! 

Today is all about LEGS! Those two things that keep us in motion and we wish went on for days! My dream in life is to grow 2 inches (is 5’2″ too much to ask for?!?!) and to have Carrie Underwood’s gams. So I’m going to give you a great leg workout, just on the off-chance that you have the same dream. The Carrie legs, not the growing. This won’t have any impact on how tall you are. Unless you stand taller. Good posture. 😉

Grab a stopwatch (or iPhone timer), bottle of water, a mat, put on your fave music, and let’s get started!!!

Some of these moves are standard gym exercises, and some are ballet moves. Feel free to email me with any questions!!!

Warm Up:

1 minute (yes, seriously, 1 whole minute. Time it. It’s longer than you think it is) jogging in place or jump rope. Opt for the second option is it’s available. You’re here to work; you might as well!

6 10-second planks. Knees or toes. Keep your abs in towards your spine, back in a natural position, and squeeze your glutes.

10 push-ups. (Yeah, I know we’re working legs today, but your blood has to be able to pass through your whole body, so let’s get the whole body warmed up.)

Work Out:

Curtsey Lunge: 15 per leg. All on one side before switching sides.

30 seconds mountain climbers. Hold your abs in!!!

Plié with calf raise: 15 reps. Hold for a full second at the bottom.

30 seconds running in place or jumping rope.

Supine Cabaret Kicks: 1 full minute, alternating legs. Keep knees squeezed together and keep thighs engaged!

30 seconds mountain climbers.

Supine changement: Keep abs in and ribs down. You should feel your thighs and inner thighs on FIRE!!

Cool Down:

10 push ups

6 10-second planks

1 minute high-knee marching, quick but not rapid pace.

Hopefully you got in a great leg workout!!!!! Your workouts should be quick and to the point, otherwise you’re just wasting time. This shouldn’t take you too long, but at the same time, don’t rush through it. Make it work for you!!! 

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the glam muscles: ARMS!!!