Muscle Blast Ballet and Jazzercise

Last night (Wednesday) I taught my Muscle Blast class at 24 Hour Fitness. Typically, we do a combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, with an emphasis on Pilates. As a ramp-up-to-summer, though, I changed it to a slightly different format for 4 weeks. Last night was session numéro un.

While keeping with pliés and curtseys and Pilates arm strengthening, I added in barbells. Oh yeah, I’m that mean. 😉 Plus, what’s a better way to get summer-licious than by making it core and ab focused?

a wide plié stance. And while we typically use chairs, we did not for this class.

Class started with a warmup of pliés, romanian dead lifts, overhead reaches, trunk rotations, more pliés. After that, 5 whole stinking minutes of planks and side planks (with hips dips and toe touches.) Then the torture fun began! Here’s my set list from class last night after the warmup and planks (spending 3:30 per exercise):

  • Curtsey Lunges
  • Weighted Mermaids and Pliés
  • Barbell: Romanian dead lift
  • V-arm circles, forward and backward
  • Barbell: Plié with overhead press
  • Barbell: Bridge lift

Then the last 20 minutes of class was all ABS!

  • crunches
  • bicycle crunches
  • bicycle 7-count pulse crunches
  • hat take-off
  • heels to heaven (straight leg reverse crunch)
  • Passé leg lift
  • V-sit knee pulls
  • V-sit crunchie frogs

the Passé leg lift

Followed by a quick stretch.



I’m sore from last night’s class in my quads, glutes, and obliques. . . And I saw everyone’s facial expressions, so I’m guessing they’re sore, too! 😉 I get paid to torture people for a living! Can life get any better?! 😉

So this morning I joined my aunt, Robin, at Jazzercise. Monday was my first ever Jazzercise class, so I was excited to try it again (today was a different instructor.) And just like everywhere else, different instructors can teach the same thing but it’s a whole different class. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE group exercise! 🙂

The class on Monday and the class today was the traditional Jazzercise class: floor cardio (both high and low impact) that’s dance oriented for 30 minutes, light weights for 15 minutes, and a cool down and stretch. I must say, I worked harder today than I did on Monday, but I’m thinking that it was because today had more complex choreography (though still simple: think along the same lines as Zumba, but not as twirly). I liked the routines more, so I put more energy into it.

this isn’t the class we did, but I totally wish it was!! Yeah, baby!! Grrrr! 😉

this gives you a general idea of what the cardio section of the class is like, tho

(HINT: the best exercise is not what’s a fad at the moment, but what you truly enjoy and are willing to put effort into.)

If you’re interested in trying Jazzercise, click here to search for classes and deals in your area!

My advice: try every form of exercise. Don’t give up on finding something active that you love to do! There’s something out there for everyone!!! And even if you’ve already found your passion, try new things anyways! It’ll keep your muscles activated and make what you love more effective!

So now I’m home, contemplating how I want to fix my breakfast/protein smoothie and ignoring the fact that I need to vacuum. 😉

true story! 😉

What are your exercise plans for today?!

What’s your favorite protein smoothie recipe?!

Wednesday Workout Playlist

Every Wednesday (oh geeze, I am so glad you didn’t have to witness how long it took me to write ‘Wednesday’ correctly) I teach a class called Muscle Blast. Why “Muscle Blast”? Cuz we haven’t thought up a different name. 

So what do I teach? Pilates, ballet, and yoga. It’s an awesome mix! And the music mix is great, too!

A few songs in my playlist:

So now you have some pretty dang amazing music to do your Pilates to! 

One of these days I’m gonna do a whole Pilates class to country music… and then the following week I’ll do it to movie scores!!! 😉 

And because it’s Wild Card Wednesday, and anything goes on Wednesdays, here’s something to make you chuckle: 

Photolust: Ballerina Project « Krisrael’s Blog

I have to re-blog this Post! My cousin posted this today, and I just can’t stop looking at these photos!!! I love ballet, I think it’s one of the most beautiful forms of dance–and it’s hard to train in classical ballet! These women that are photographed are truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing this, Kris, I love it!!!

 Photolust: Ballerina Project « Krisrael’s Blog.

And on the note of dancing, what’s your workout today? Is today your cross-training day? Since it’s kinda icky outside today I was thinking I’d do some speed work, and get it over with. That way I can get out of the rain quicker… or at least it’ll feel like it’s quicker. 😉

Let’s talk LEGS!!!!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about core. Yes, the core is an incredibly important aspect of physical fitness and health. Keeping your abs, back and hips working efficiently and effectively is very important. That being said… 

Looks have to account for something, riiiight? I mean, come on. Be serious. A lot of our perception of ourselves is in how we think we look. (But I’ll save how we view ourselves versus how others view us for another post.) If we aren’t confident in how we look, we aren’t confident in how we feel. So today, let’s work on that! 

Today is all about LEGS! Those two things that keep us in motion and we wish went on for days! My dream in life is to grow 2 inches (is 5’2″ too much to ask for?!?!) and to have Carrie Underwood’s gams. So I’m going to give you a great leg workout, just on the off-chance that you have the same dream. The Carrie legs, not the growing. This won’t have any impact on how tall you are. Unless you stand taller. Good posture. 😉

Grab a stopwatch (or iPhone timer), bottle of water, a mat, put on your fave music, and let’s get started!!!

Some of these moves are standard gym exercises, and some are ballet moves. Feel free to email me with any questions!!!

Warm Up:

1 minute (yes, seriously, 1 whole minute. Time it. It’s longer than you think it is) jogging in place or jump rope. Opt for the second option is it’s available. You’re here to work; you might as well!

6 10-second planks. Knees or toes. Keep your abs in towards your spine, back in a natural position, and squeeze your glutes.

10 push-ups. (Yeah, I know we’re working legs today, but your blood has to be able to pass through your whole body, so let’s get the whole body warmed up.)

Work Out:

Curtsey Lunge: 15 per leg. All on one side before switching sides.

30 seconds mountain climbers. Hold your abs in!!!

Plié with calf raise: 15 reps. Hold for a full second at the bottom.

30 seconds running in place or jumping rope.

Supine Cabaret Kicks: 1 full minute, alternating legs. Keep knees squeezed together and keep thighs engaged!

30 seconds mountain climbers.

Supine changement: Keep abs in and ribs down. You should feel your thighs and inner thighs on FIRE!!

Cool Down:

10 push ups

6 10-second planks

1 minute high-knee marching, quick but not rapid pace.

Hopefully you got in a great leg workout!!!!! Your workouts should be quick and to the point, otherwise you’re just wasting time. This shouldn’t take you too long, but at the same time, don’t rush through it. Make it work for you!!! 

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the glam muscles: ARMS!!! 

Rainy Day workout

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!!

Before you head out to the bars or the restaurants or the cook-offs, you need to take care of YOU. So let’s workout! If you’re having weather like I am, going outside just aint gonna happen. Call me a weenie, but if it’s raining outside, my butt is staying inside

So for those of us staying indoors today, here are 2 10-minute workouts that will get your blood pumping and your muscles screaming, followed by flexibility training (aka stretching). 

These workouts are part of Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion series. If you haven’t tried them, you’re in for a serious burn!! A blend of pilates, ballet, and yoga, you’re going to get a taste of what professional dancers have to go through. The biggest difference is that you’re doing 20 minutes while do 6 hours. No biggie. 😉 

Let’s get our dancer body on!!!

After you do both of these segments, let me know how you liked em, or why you hated em!

(Hey, we all have our opinions, we all like different things, be open to sharing your thoughts!)