Memorial Weekend Coin Check

Now all you veterans out there had better be whippin’ out your coins!

the last F-117A coin from Kunsan AFB deployments

For all you civilians out there: throughout a military career, you collect coins. These coins represent units, bases, special teams, deployments, anything the commander thinks is significant. *this is also the reason why commanders have their own coins* Now these coins are not purchased at the base stores (BX, NeX, etc). You have to earn these coins by being part of the unit, or if you’re really lucky, you can win them in poker games. These are basically glorified trading cards for the military.

Now the point of these coins to get alcohol. If these had another purpose when they were created, then I don’t know it. It’s been so diluted, that I’m sure no one knows it. Nowadays, coins are used as an alcohol pissing contest.

no, not all the coins are actually round

It goes like this:

Someone at the bar yells “Coin Check!”

Everyone in that person’s party has to pull out their coin, and place it on the bar/table/hold in the air. The person without a coin buys the next round. Have you ever drank with a military person?! I feel sorry for the shmuck without a coin! If everyone has a coin, and seriously-they all should!, the person with the lowest-ranking coin is the one who buys the next round.

This is where the Commander’s Coin comes in handy. You will never have to buy another drink again. And yes, the ranking system is sorta subjective.

my unit’s coin. as far as rank goes, unit coins are pretty far down on the list.

So I’m bringing this up because I’m missing my military peeps. It’s Memorial Weekend and I’m not on base. This sucks. There’s a bond that goes beyond family and camaraderie between military members, and it sticks with you for life. My more than family is scattered across the world, and we still talk all the time and meet up when we can. These are the people who you can go 10 years without seeing and you’re still best friends. There is no time lost between military members.

On my way to Run Club this morning, I heard the most popular/famous/tear-enducing military song ever. It brought me right back to Tent City (a make-shift base), throwing darts, getting stuck inside the aircraft fuselage (I was the smallest, so I was the lucky one to go and fix the break. awesome), closing out hooches and bars, and Chicken Bulgogi from South Korea.

For everyone who has ever served, or is serving now: this one’s for you!

don’t forget to ground your drinks!!!

What are your plans this weekend?!   I went for a 5.5 miler this morning, and now the rest of the weekend is full of kid’s birthday parties and Starbucks. 🙂