Treadmill Workouts Don’t Have To Be Boring

I’ll admit it.


It’s boring. Also, the treadmills at my gym face out from the building. This means that you’re watching the weather, the traffic, the people at the grocery store, and Burger King. You’d think it’d be motivational. It’s not. It makes you crave french fries.

But let’s face it: sometimes, using a treadmill is the only way you’re going to get in your run. At some point, it’s going to happen.

So I thought I’d share a couple videos with you to help keep the treadmill as interesting as possible. Are you going to look/feel like an idiot? Very likely. Are you going to get results? YES.






And if you’ve vowed to never run and/or never set foot on a treadmill, maybe this is more your style:



Today, I’m set to run an easy 3 miles. I’m guessing I’ll run the usual routes, but we’ll see what the weather’s like. (Running in full sun in the middle of the afternoon = torture.)

Have you checked out the Lululemon SeaWheeze App?!?! It’s AMAZEBALLS AWESOME!!! It’s set to get you ready for their SeaWheeze half marathon, but it’s a great design for any half marathon! It has a perfect schedule to set me up for my half in July, and with extending all training runs a bit, it’s a great schedule to get me ready for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October. The app has videos and demos, and great descriptions of what your runs should look and feel like. Places to take notes for workouts, too. And come on, how awesome is hearing a rest day being called “sweatpantsana”?! 😉 It’s free through the iTunes App Store (sorry, I don’t know about the Android Marketplace. But I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be there!) Check it out!!!

What’s your favorite running app?

How often do you run on a treadmill?

Babbling About My Brooks.

Brooks PureCadence review:

Frickin kick-a$$ amaze-balls awesome.

I got these shoes because they were “recommended” by Shut Up and Run. Beth wore them, and I then went and checked them out. (Note: no one told me, “Heather, go out and try these shoes. They are the end-all to all of your problems.” Not even remotely close. Please don’t sue anyone.)

this is how much Beth SUAR loves her PureCadences

I am in complete agreement with Beth: they are VERY light weight! And so damn comfortable!!! In fact, they felt so great on my run this morning that decided to wear them to school, too! I park on the complete opposite side of campus than my Tuesday classes are since Tuesdays are usually so full that I don’t work out. This at leasts forces me to get some hilly walks in. I was light and bouncy across campus! The walk normally takes me about 7 minutes, and it only took me 4 today. Booya!

I love the teal color, and LOVE the 4mm heel drop. I have to have flat shoes since I have problems (Plantar Fasciitis), but I also want cushion for my long runs. They seriously feel like you’re walking and running on air!! My feet were singing with the angels when I put these on! Either that or I was hearing the Phineas and Ferb theme song from the living room. . .

I have tried all sorts of shoes. From Nike to Adidas; New Balance, to Inov8; Vibram to Asics. I have shoes that I love, shoes that I like, and shoes that are “eh, not a total waste of money.” The PureCadence falls in the “I’m freakin wearing them to bed” category. I have NEVER run in shoe that has more cushion.

There’s not a whole lot of arch support, so if you’re high-arched, these probably aren’t going to be very comfortable for very long. Brooks has other shoes in the Pure series that will probably work out better for you. The band that wraps around the foot has a great supportive feel to it! Just don’t wear them all day if your feet tend to swell slightly when you sit for long periods. (Half way through my accounting class, I had to excuse myself to loosen the laces a bit. As soon as I was back up on my feet, they felt fine again, in fact, kinda loose.)

Please note that I am VERY used to flat shoes, so I had no “getting used to” period with these shoes. It is NOT recommended that you go “balls-to-the-wall” in these shoes if you are used to having a heel. Please break your calves and Achilles into these shoes slowly.

I won’t say, “Run out any buy these right now!” but I will say, “Go to your nearest and dearest running store and see if these shoes fit your foot and gait right!”

The shoes come in 3 colors (as of right now) in the women’s version. I love the teal ones, and I’m seriously thinking that I need the purple ones, too. . .

I think now’s a great time to add the video that Brooks has on their website for the PureCadence, don’t you?

Have you tried these shoes yet? Think you might in the future? 

Happy HumpDay! Any plans for the weekend?! 🙂

the Pinterest workout

Pinterest is an amazing thing. You can find inspiration, crafts, memes, and all sorts of stuff to waste your time on. I love it!

So in the interest of keeping a short, fun post today, I’m showing you some of the fitness-related (and yes, I use that term loosely. very loosely) memes and photos that I’ve found on Pinterest.

Yes, this totally counts as doing something active and healthy for your body! Think of it as a 45 second workout!! 

Exercise: the new version of drinking games! 

Doing 20-30 reps per side will seriously strengthen your core and get defined muscles. Doing 5-8 absolutely perfect and slow reps per side will whittle your waist without adding muscle size. Pick your poison!

This says 30, but it’s effective no matter what number you choose. You can even sit down in your chair and get right back up 20 times! It’ll still work your quads and your gluteals, creating a calorie burn and a revved up metabolism before you eat.

For all of us CrossFitters out there: good to remember 😉

True story!

Harsh, but true.

One of the most wonderful things to remember!!! ❤

Hydration is important! If these rascals can do it, so can you! 

When you’re a personal trainer, you hear a lot of this cr@p…

Never let your fear guide you away from something, let it guide you to conquer something!

So today, this post is short and sweet because it’s my son’s birthday! My little munchkin turns 7 today, and is seriously the most amazing person I know!!!

Happy birthday, buddy!! Mommy loves you!!! 

So today’s workout is running. I have no length in mind, but I want to run at a 9:00 pace for as long as my foot will let me. (Stay tuned for a post about how I went rock climbing today with my mom! My left foot is killing me right now from the shoes and the turnout, but totally worth the challenge of the climb!)

What’s your workout today?! Running? Kickboxing? Yoga? Don’t just sit there and let life pass you by! Get up and MOVE YOUR BOOTAY!!!

(But, hey, no judgement! How would I know if you’re having a scheduled rest day, just got over the flu, stayed up all night with a sick baby, etc? I don’t! And let’s face it, sometimes we mentally need a day off.)

My 10 Favorite Race Medal Displays

I’m new to the running event scene, but already it’s time to start thinking about where to stash my bling. I have the race bibs in my scrapbook, and I’m holding on to my finisher shirts to make a quilt; but what to do with the medals?

I’ve been looking at race medal hangers recently. I had no idea there were so many out there! So I’ve compiled a list of the ones that I like, in hopes that by the end of this post I’ll make my decision as to which one I want to get.

In no particular oder:

this one really doesn’t have any racing significance, but I LOVE swallows and nautical stars. I even have them tattooed on me.

I’d want hooks instead of a bar, but I like the humor.

Now this is my kind of humor! But, again, I’d want hooks.

I like the idea of putting the bibs with the medals.

This would work since this is the first year that I’m doing both. It’ll feed my inner organization freak, too.

Puns, anyone?

Not very race-y, but definitely cute.

Simple, but cute. Love the pink, too.

Mind over matter, mind over matter!

I wish there was a larger picture of this one. I really like it!

Alright, I know I said 10, but when I put all of them on here, I realized I had 11. But I don’t feel like deleting any of them, so here’s the encore, number 11:

This one is a bit too girly, but I’m loving it!

Final verdict:

I’m going to make my own. I’ll make a board like number 11, customize an UpperCase Living saying (I really like the .2 saying from the third one pictured, and my favorite running saying is, “26.2… it’s that damn .2 that’ll get ya!” so I may even use that), and get some nice quality hooks or drawer pulls. Done deal.

I also saw this on Pinterest, and while it’s an amazingly cute idea, I don’t think I’ll do it. But for those of you looking for a really interesting way to display your race medals, try magnets! Remove the ribbon and apply some epoxy resin on a heavy duty magnet, and, voilà! Race Medal Magnets! Cute, right?!?!

How do you store your race bling? Is it out in the open, or stored away? 

Drooling on a Wednesday Morning

Let’s all take a minute this morning and drool admire David Beckham running, shall we?

There, now how can you have a bad day when watching that?! You’re welcome! 😉

So today I am going through my bookmarked racing events, trying to pick out a race that I’ll volunteer for. Let’s face it: no race happens without volunteers. So it’s time to do my part.

I told them to screen their applicants... *sigh*

I thought this was going to be easy and fun… Oooh! There! That one! Yay! *sign the forms* Done!

I should really learn to shut my inner blonde up.

This is harder than I thought it would be. The logistics to consider: Do I really want to drive over an hour to San Francisco to BE AT the race at 4:30am? Not really. Who’s going to watch my son for me? Probably my mom… I should probably ask her… Do I want to volunteer as an individual, or gather up a team? Hadn’t really thought of it… Green Team? Water? Metals? T-Shirt Exchange? Expo? Crap. There’s more to this than I originally thought.

Side Note: I wanna be this lady when I’m her age:

seriously-- how adorable is she?!?!

After looking around (my love for the internet is reinforced daily), I have decided to volunteer at the San Francisco Marathon in July. I figure I can volunteer at registration on Saturday and then run it on Sunday. I know, I know, what can I say? I’m a genius.

Plus, although it’s not on the same “course,” it’ll help me figure out what running in San Francisco is like. I need to be prepared for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October.

Have any of you volunteered at a race before? What’s your most memorable (good and/or bad) moment having to do with a volunteer?

size DOES matter

I learned something about myself over the weekend… Apparently, I am THAT kind of parent…


It all started last May, when we got a Saint Bernard puppy. At 7 1/2 weeks old, he was already 20 pounds. Of course, with my geeky personality, he was immediately named Chewbacca. Chewie for short. 😉

*insert cooing noises here*


My son and Chewie became bestest buddies!

picking up my son from school


From a wittle puppy (hey, I was raised with horses. A Saint Bernard IS little) to a big fluff-ball, my son and Chewie are inseparable. Partly because Chewie won’t leave him alone, but that’s beside the point… 😉


and take!


Now, from these pictures, you’d think I coulda predicted what would happen next… but, alas, I am a true blonde…

The other night while we were in the car, I heard a muffled scream coming from the back seat. Here’s where my parental priorities may be a bit skewed… While dying with laughter, I had to get photographic proof…


Yes, I have become THAT parent. At least I can admit it, and that’s the first step to recovery, riiiiight?  😉


And now, back to reality…

I did the Max Interval Training DVD from the Insanity workout program last night. It’s all plyometric, and it’s not really “interval.” Someone at BeachBody needs to get their workout dictionary out… It’s more of plyometic circuit training. A series of exercises (about 4 of ’em) done in 45 second chunks, with a 30 second break after the set. Repeat.  A lot. (See? NOT interval. That’s circuit training, people.) But oh well, it was a hard workout, and I’m glad I did it!

Today, I’ll be running. Maybe. I’ve been avoiding running lately, so we’ll see if I actually follow through today. I do want to get down to the cliffs to see what the surf is doing today, so that’s a bit of a motivator. It’s a gloomy day today, and we all know Heather’s a “weather weenie”… I’ll keep you updated on what happens. Who knows, this may end up being a 2-post kind of day! 😉


What are your workout plans for the day? Or is today your rest day? 

Hot Hot HotBody Workout!


So it’s Sunday… Time to push the “reset” button on your workouts and start afresh! Let’s kickstart our week by toning and trimming the whole body! One stop shopping! Yay!

 insert cheesy fit model photo here…

For this workout, you’re going to need a stopwatch or an interval timer. If you’ve got a smartphone, get the new Gymboss 2 App… you’ll LOVE it!! I’ve heard that you can get it through the Andriod market, but since I’ve got an iPhone, I can’t guarantee anything…

You can buy the actual Gymboss timer if you’d like, but don’t use having to order it as an excuse to not do today’s workout! 😉 

Make sure you’ve got your water bottle (maybe with a little Nuun added to it), a mat, a towel, a dumbbell or kettlebell (don’t be afraid to make it heavy!), and the craving for a kickass body!


1 minute high-knee marching in place

10 walking lunges, alternating legs (20 total)

15 sit ups (full sit ups, no pansy crunches! If you need to, hook your feet under a couch or stretch your legs out further for added counter-balance)


Timers set to 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. 12 sets total. Do exercises 1-4. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

Jumping jacks: 3 regular jumping jacks with an air-jack. Repeat for the full 45 seconds, working up to the whole 45 seconds as air-jacks. (Warning: it’s freakin hard to do a full 45 seconds of nothing but air-jacks. Give yourself some time to get there!)

Kettle bell swing: the power and the movement are derived from standing up tall and pushing your hips forward, while squeezing your butt and abs as hard as you can. This is a quick workout– don’t cheat yourself! Do the work!!!


Mason twist: Keep your abs tight!


Push up: standard or on your knees, keep your abs in and your shoulders back. Keep your elbows close to your sides. You shouldn’t feel this in the front of your shoulders! Your chest, triceps, and abs should be on fi-ya!!


(from here, go back to #1 and follow this pattern until you’ve done all 4 exercises in a row, 3 times)

Cool down:

6 30-second planks

3 20-second side planks, all 3 on one side before switching sides

15 low back cobra raises


If you’ve got the time, get outside (or I guess we can compromise on a treadmill) and take a quick-paced walk for about 30 to 45 minutes. Your body is a fat-burning machine after a high intensity interval workout, so use that to your advantage! Go for a long walk, and if your goal is to trim fat and tone muscle, NO CALORIES OF ANY KIND FOR 2 FULL HOURS!!! (that last part is really important in weight loss, hence me ‘yelling’ it… water is GREAT, but absolutely no additives in it. NO CALORIES means NO CALORIES)

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you’ve enjoyed this workout! More to come tomorrow!!

Do you normally schedule your rest days to fall on weekends? What days do you find you get the best workouts? 

Wednesday Workout Playlist

Every Wednesday (oh geeze, I am so glad you didn’t have to witness how long it took me to write ‘Wednesday’ correctly) I teach a class called Muscle Blast. Why “Muscle Blast”? Cuz we haven’t thought up a different name. 

So what do I teach? Pilates, ballet, and yoga. It’s an awesome mix! And the music mix is great, too!

A few songs in my playlist:

So now you have some pretty dang amazing music to do your Pilates to! 

One of these days I’m gonna do a whole Pilates class to country music… and then the following week I’ll do it to movie scores!!! 😉 

And because it’s Wild Card Wednesday, and anything goes on Wednesdays, here’s something to make you chuckle: 

Ever feel like doing this?!

I’ll be the first to admit that maybe my loyalty to teams is what causes them to suck. Or at least, not live up to expectation. Case in point: my baseball team: Cleveland Indians, and more recently due to me being a SF Bay native, the SF Giants (who don’t ‘suck’, just couldn’t get it together last year); my hockey team: San Jose Sharks, for you hockey fans, you’ll understand my frustrations; my football team: SF 49ers, we aren’t even going there. Better luck this season, teams!

Frustrated Browns fan writes heartfelt letter to the organization | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports.

Wild Card Wednesday 3/28

Wednesdays are going to be the “anything goes” days. I’m feeling last night’s workout from CrossFit Santa Cruz (love that box!). The WOD was:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Kettle Bell Swings and ring dips. Rest 5 mins. 1 min AMRAP front squat. 

I used a 35# kettle bell, and did purple band pushups in 9:27. I did 18 front squats at 42#. Not great. Blah. I guess taking 3 weeks off from CF was not the way to go. Oh well, I’ll work my strength back up.

I saw a post the other day from Confessions of a (not-so) Domesticated Newlywed that I thought was pretty cute, so here goes: 

26 things you will probably never need to know about me: 

i'm the classy one in the middle...

A is for age: 27. Ask me again on the 31st and I’ll tell you 28 😉

B is for breakfast today: English tea. I’m not a big eater in the morning…

C is for currently craving: chocolate chip cookie dough

D is for dinner tonight: breakfast! Eggs over medium, whole grain toast, turkey sausage. 

E is for favorite type of exercise: CrossFit, running, step aerobics, Pilates, yoga, ballet, kickboxing… do I have to pick just one?! 

F is for an irrational fear: being kidnapped by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had a nightmare when I was 5 that this happened. Apparently I’ve never gotten over it. 

G is for gross food: mushrooms, olives, ginger

H is for hometown: Surf City, California! 

I is for something important: My family. Not just blood relatives, but my friends, too. Without them I’d just some weirdo talking to myself and the walls…

my son, Kael Desmond, and my grandpa, Desmond John ❤

J is for current favorite jam: “Start a Fire” by Ryan Star. 

K is for kids: My son, Kael Desmond, the light of my life ❤

poor guy got a lot of my genetics... ❤

L is for current location: NorCal!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Shopping at Lululemon. Hey, it was for my birthday, I totally had an excuse!

N is for something you need: The brain capacity for Financial Accounting. I was so not meant for this…

O is for occupation: Personal training and group exercise teaching pay for my career: being a mom! 

P is for pet peeve: Oh, I got lots, but rude people take the cake. 

Q is for a quote: “No man can swim ashore while carrying his baggage” 

R is for random fact about you: I have a mole on the back of my thigh in the shape of a heart. I’ve had it checked out, and since it hasn’t changed shape and the edges are solid and the color is uniform, it’s safe! Yay!

S is for favorite healthy snack: carrots and edamame hummus

T is for favorite treat: If it’s got sugar in it, I’ll eat it. But if brownies are on the table, you better believe I’m going to those first! 

U is for something that makes you unique: aren’t we all unique…?

V is for favorite vegetable: Broccoli and green beans! But I really love all veggies =) 

W is for today’s workout: yoga and teaching ballet and Pilates

X is for X-rays you’ve had: skull, thoracic and cervical spine (twice), chest, both feet.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: my son running through door yelling, “Mommy, I missed you!” (it had been 8 hours since I dropped him off at school…)

Z is for your time zone: Pacific, dude! 😉

So now hopefully I’ve provided you with some distraction from the dull drum known as Wednesday 🙂 And hopefully you didn’t lose too many brain cells in the process… 😉 

What are your plans this weekend? How far in advance do you typically make plans?