Victoria’s Secret VS Dove


Am I the only one who thinks that the VS models look sick?

I’m sure the VS models work their incredibly gifted asses off to look the way they do, but we need to get serious about what beauty (and health!) look like for the majority of society. You don’t have to be 50 pounds to be happy.

Make health your priority, focus on strength and flexibility, and let your body decide what shape it’s going to take.



Changing Status Quo

I’ve written posts before about super-skinny models being banned from advertisements in Israel, the ban on model’s under 15 from Vogue, and the Dove Beauty Campaign. But I think this one takes the cake. The big, fat, Costco-sized, cake.

Beauty doesn’t have a size restriction. Little-by-little I think we’re making progress in showing women that beauty starts on the inside.

When I first saw this picture, I thought, “wow, she’s really pretty. And that color looks great on her!” This model, Robyn Lawley, is also 6’2″ (which makes her a whole 14 inches taller than me. wow) and she’s a size 16. And now, Lawley is the first “plus-sized” model for Australia’s publication of Vogue. On the cover. Not only is Vogue branching out from skinny models, but they’ve put a larger-than-typical “plus-sized” model on the cover. (The average “plus size” model is about a women’s size 10. The size that Marilyn Monroe was.)

Vogue Model Robyn Lawley’s Plus-Size Lingerie Campaign. Total Game Changer | Fashion – Yahoo! Shine.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more “plus sized” models in fashion?

Wild Card Wednesday

Can you tell I’m ready for baseball season???

Today’s post is kind of random. I wanted today to be a fun little day with some Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips. That was my plan… and then I read an article that I thought was aaahhh-MAZing!!! So let’s just see how well I can throw this all together… (I probably shoulda just called this Wild Wednesday, but hey, I’m gearing up for baseball)

Last night I was about to go to bed when I saw this article posted on Yahoo’s homepage:Israel Skinny Model Ban: New Law Requires Body Mass Index of 18.5 or a Doctor’s Note.”  WHOA!!!!!! Talk about a major development!!!! It looks like the Dove campaign for “real” models is a realistic goal!! This is awesome!! I know I’m not the only healthy and fit person out there who isn’t a size 1, so I’m hoping I’m not the only person who’s happy about having “average sized” models!

What are your thoughts? Opinions? 

Okay, so now that I managed to get that article in, on to the fun stuff! Laughter is the best medicine, right? 😉

I’m a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Yeah, sure, it’s cute and funny. But why I love it is because Calvin is MY SON. Seriously. They are the exact same person. Sometimes it’s kinda scary. 😉 I wanted to share some of the cartoons that have given me a chuckle lately, mainly because this is a visual depiction of my son’s shenanigans. 😉

Yes, this is my son. And after he lit the bathroom on fire (twice!) and cut up my sheets while they were still on the bed, I am fully aware that I have my hands full. 😉 My son is just like my uncle, and he turned out pretty good, so here’s hoping!!! 😉

my uncle and my son, two peas in a pod ❤