Shut Up, Butt

Do you talk to your sore muscles? I do.

Right now, my glute mediuses/minimuses (wow, spell check does not those words!) are yelling at me. They’re a bit upset that they actually had to work on Monday. It’s pretty easy to ignore those small muscles during regular gym work, so they usually object to working hard.

I decided on Monday that I was going to tackle some hill sprints even though I was still sick. I have a trail/hill race in 10 days. No biggie. *gulp* I figured running some hill sprints before the race (the word sprint is being used very liberally here) would be more beneficial than cuddling up on the couch watching the Olympics.

I ended up going to Blue Ball Park to run the hill between the lower and upper parking lots. (I’m not even going to go into how inappropriate a name that is. . .)

There are these 9 foot tall blue cement balls around the park. Random. And creepy. Hence the name Blue Ball Park. It’s just wrong. LOL

My son was such a gentleman: he instructed me on the correct way to jog down the hill. 😉

my son, jogging down the hill

And while that was all fun and dandy, I was more concerned with running up the hill.

Yay. Hills.

I started off by warming up with a walk around the park. It was just over .75 miles, but it was hilly, so by the time I made it back to the bottom of the hill, I was nice and warm, starting to get a bit sweaty. My body was more than ready to sprint, but my throat was ready to kill me and my brain was threatening to abandon ship.

Bring it on, Monday. I got this.

I only did 5 sprints before I started to hit to the wall. Since I was still sick, I didn’t actually want to hit the wall and set back my healing. It’s okay to workout when you’re sick–provided you don’t have a chest cold– but you have to take it easier than usual.

I sprinted up normally the first time, side shuffled (left) up the second, regular the third, side shuffled (right) the fourth, and finished off with another regular sprint. My glutes were on fire, my hammies were on fire, and I was feeling accomplished.

Today, my smaller glute muscles hate me. Seriously hate me. They’re sore. Which is good! Strong glute med/minimus muscles mean that you have strong and stable hips, which is essential for healthy living. I refuse to take this soreness as a bad sign, since I’m strengthening some pretty darn important muscles.

Yesterday I did the Buti Sculpt workout, which you can find here. And today, I went for a walk/slow jog with my cousin. You can’t have a bad morning when this is where you’re running:

Running along the cliffs, with the waves crashing below, and a light cool fog = running perfection!

So now I’m getting ready to put together tonight’s Muscle Blast class. I’ll post tomorrow what tonight’s class is so that you can have another Ballet/Pilates-inspired full body workout 🙂

Muscle Blast Ballet and Jazzercise

Last night (Wednesday) I taught my Muscle Blast class at 24 Hour Fitness. Typically, we do a combination of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, with an emphasis on Pilates. As a ramp-up-to-summer, though, I changed it to a slightly different format for 4 weeks. Last night was session numéro un.

While keeping with pliés and curtseys and Pilates arm strengthening, I added in barbells. Oh yeah, I’m that mean. 😉 Plus, what’s a better way to get summer-licious than by making it core and ab focused?

a wide plié stance. And while we typically use chairs, we did not for this class.

Class started with a warmup of pliés, romanian dead lifts, overhead reaches, trunk rotations, more pliés. After that, 5 whole stinking minutes of planks and side planks (with hips dips and toe touches.) Then the torture fun began! Here’s my set list from class last night after the warmup and planks (spending 3:30 per exercise):

  • Curtsey Lunges
  • Weighted Mermaids and Pliés
  • Barbell: Romanian dead lift
  • V-arm circles, forward and backward
  • Barbell: Plié with overhead press
  • Barbell: Bridge lift

Then the last 20 minutes of class was all ABS!

  • crunches
  • bicycle crunches
  • bicycle 7-count pulse crunches
  • hat take-off
  • heels to heaven (straight leg reverse crunch)
  • Passé leg lift
  • V-sit knee pulls
  • V-sit crunchie frogs

the Passé leg lift

Followed by a quick stretch.



I’m sore from last night’s class in my quads, glutes, and obliques. . . And I saw everyone’s facial expressions, so I’m guessing they’re sore, too! 😉 I get paid to torture people for a living! Can life get any better?! 😉

So this morning I joined my aunt, Robin, at Jazzercise. Monday was my first ever Jazzercise class, so I was excited to try it again (today was a different instructor.) And just like everywhere else, different instructors can teach the same thing but it’s a whole different class. That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE group exercise! 🙂

The class on Monday and the class today was the traditional Jazzercise class: floor cardio (both high and low impact) that’s dance oriented for 30 minutes, light weights for 15 minutes, and a cool down and stretch. I must say, I worked harder today than I did on Monday, but I’m thinking that it was because today had more complex choreography (though still simple: think along the same lines as Zumba, but not as twirly). I liked the routines more, so I put more energy into it.

this isn’t the class we did, but I totally wish it was!! Yeah, baby!! Grrrr! 😉

this gives you a general idea of what the cardio section of the class is like, tho

(HINT: the best exercise is not what’s a fad at the moment, but what you truly enjoy and are willing to put effort into.)

If you’re interested in trying Jazzercise, click here to search for classes and deals in your area!

My advice: try every form of exercise. Don’t give up on finding something active that you love to do! There’s something out there for everyone!!! And even if you’ve already found your passion, try new things anyways! It’ll keep your muscles activated and make what you love more effective!

So now I’m home, contemplating how I want to fix my breakfast/protein smoothie and ignoring the fact that I need to vacuum. 😉

true story! 😉

What are your exercise plans for today?!

What’s your favorite protein smoothie recipe?!

Starbucks and Squats on a Saturday

I’m a sucker for Starbucks. Where else can I go to get chai that, no matter what location I walk into, I know what I’m getting. Every damn time. That’s important in my world! I don’t want to spend 5 bucks on a drink that I won’t enjoy. I want to know what I’m getting for what I’m spending. Simple. So, no matter your personal view on big-chains and corporations, knowing the value of your money pays off. Don’t worry, I’m a big fan of mom&pop shops! I just don’t buy my coffee there. . .

So today, I’m having a peppermint mocha. The Starbucks-at-home kind.


Coffee, brewed to taste. I like the Blonde coffee because it’s a lot lighter than the other Starbucks coffees, but still great quality.

Peppermint mocha creamer. Warning: it’s delicious. But if you drink it all out of the carton, you won’t have any for your coffee. 😉

Lightly sweetened hot coco mix. I like Starbucks’ version because while it’s sweetened, it still has a true, dark chocolate bitterness to it. Sounds weird, but it really works well with the creamer.

Put a nice big spoonful of coco in your mug. Pour freshly brewed coffee in mug. Stir until coco is completely dissolved. Add creamer to taste. The color will be off from your regular coffee because of the coco, so go easy on it until you really get used to your ingredients.


Okay, so I totally lied. No squats. But, we’re totally going to work the butt today!! Yay!!! Working large muscles makes your body burn loads of calories, but squats get super boring really quickly! So we’re going to use other exercises to get the gluteals into shape and burn mucho calories. And, seriously, who doesn’t want a kickin bootay?! Do these videos IN ORDER so that we can maximize how effective your cardio sessions are. Enjoy!


What are your favorite coffee beverages? Are they treats or daily drinks? 

Now go out into the world and enjoy your weekend!!! 

Wednesday Workout Playlist

Every Wednesday (oh geeze, I am so glad you didn’t have to witness how long it took me to write ‘Wednesday’ correctly) I teach a class called Muscle Blast. Why “Muscle Blast”? Cuz we haven’t thought up a different name. 

So what do I teach? Pilates, ballet, and yoga. It’s an awesome mix! And the music mix is great, too!

A few songs in my playlist:

So now you have some pretty dang amazing music to do your Pilates to! 

One of these days I’m gonna do a whole Pilates class to country music… and then the following week I’ll do it to movie scores!!! 😉 

And because it’s Wild Card Wednesday, and anything goes on Wednesdays, here’s something to make you chuckle: 

Arm jiggle be gone!!!

I just got home from a kick a$$ workout of TKB with Megan!!! Seriously, you’re missing out of you don’t get tortured workout with the beautiful and spunky Mega Cool! 

i wish i looked this good while doing back bends!!! way to go, Megan! 

So now that I’m pumped and ready to go, what does that mean for you? It means it’s time to kill those arms!! No more arm flab wavin’ in the wind!

Yesterday we worked our legs, now today we’re going to work our arms! 

The key to getting some great lookin’ guns is to keep everything in proportion. No more doing bicep curls and triceps kickbacks while ignoring your shoulders, back, and chest! Every muscle in our body deserves our love, so by golly, we’re gonna show ‘em some love!! 

For today’s workout, we’re going to tone your upper body. We’ll work on strength another day. For today, we’re gonna tone up what we’ve already got. Please note that the pics that I am using show women using weights– THIS WILL BE COMPLETELY EFFECTIVE WITHOUT WEIGHTS!!! Do not feel like you need to use any weights! Work your way up to using weights! 

Same deal as yesterday: grab your stop watch, your water, a mat, and let’s GO!!! 

Warm up:

10 bird-dogs

6 10-second planks

10 push ups

30 jumping jacks


20 straight arm triceps presses: keeping abs pulled in, hips supported, knees bent softly, push (straight, not bent!) arms straight behind you as far as they’ll go. Pulse at the top range of motion.

30 jumping jacks

20 ceiling punches: keeping arms bent, move whole arm so that your fists go from your    eyebrows to the top of your head. Keep elbows in front of armpits! The smaller the range of motion, the better!!! Pulse quickly!!

10 push ups

20 bent arm butterflies

20 mountain climbers

30 bent arm forward circles: keeping arms firm and supported, with bent elbows, move arms forward in small circles. (Just don’t sit down like shown, stand up! You’ll burn more calories and use your core!)

30 jumping jacks

30 bent arm backward circles: keeping arms firm and supported, with bent elbows, trace small circles in the air with your fists, going backwards. (Just don’t sit down like shown, stand up! You’ll burn more calories and use your core!)

20 mountain climbers

30 shoulder scaption with shrug: raise straight arms up from legs to eye-level at a 45 degree angle (imagine going to give someone a big hug). While arms are raised, shrug shoulders to ears. Lower all at once.

Cool Down:

30 jumping jacks

10 push ups

6 10-second planks

10 bird-dogs

One HUGE key to getting results is to understand and know what types of results you’re looking for. If you’re looking for sleek, toned, non-bulky arms, then this should be a workout that you repeat a couple times a week. On that note: no matter what results you’re looking for, you need to keep thing varied. I’ll keep posting workouts for you, and I want you to keep rotating through the workouts. Variety is the spice of life! Keep your workouts varied!!! 

And as always, email me with any and all questions and comments!! 

Have you tried any of the workouts that I’ve posted? Thoughts?! 

Lululemon and Baseball

Today is an amazing day. I can’t say “was” cuz it ain’t over yet, and I’m totally expecting more amazingness! (can you believe that apparently “amazingness” is a word? I swear, the dictionary keeps getting more and more ridiculous…) 

Anyways. My day started with getting my little man to school, and then off to school myself. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Financial Accounting  days. Yay. Would you be able to focus on accounting if this was your view from inside the classroom?!

view from accounting class

i woulda paid attention, but the ocean was talking to me…

After Accounting, I stopped by the Athletic Training Room. This is the first time in 3 semesters that I’m not working there. 😦 *sniff sniff* So I hung out there for a while and even went down to the fields to watch some of the baseball game going on. 

Go Cabrillo SeaHawks!!!! 

When I came home, guess what was on the front porch?! My Lululemon order!!! Yup, I ordered myself a pair of new running capris as my bday present to myself (cuz that’s how I roll! hehehe). 

I’m a happy camper! Not only did I buy myself Lulu for my bday, but my mom got me stuff, too!  Here’s what my momma llama got me (and, yes, I’ve called my mom “momma llama” for a loooooong time.)

the tank is in a navy blue and white bold strip, though… LOVE IT!!!!!

So, I hope that everyone is having as awesome a day as I am!!!

If you haven’t’ worked out yet today, now is the time to do it! Since we all know (but may be in denial) that summer is just around the corner, I’ve provided a POP Pilates ab routine! Remember: squeeze your abdomen so that your back stays supported!!! These moves won’t give you the results you want if you don’t put in the effort!

Have you worked out yet today? What have you done? 

Rainy Day workout

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!!

Before you head out to the bars or the restaurants or the cook-offs, you need to take care of YOU. So let’s workout! If you’re having weather like I am, going outside just aint gonna happen. Call me a weenie, but if it’s raining outside, my butt is staying inside

So for those of us staying indoors today, here are 2 10-minute workouts that will get your blood pumping and your muscles screaming, followed by flexibility training (aka stretching). 

These workouts are part of Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion series. If you haven’t tried them, you’re in for a serious burn!! A blend of pilates, ballet, and yoga, you’re going to get a taste of what professional dancers have to go through. The biggest difference is that you’re doing 20 minutes while do 6 hours. No biggie. 😉 

Let’s get our dancer body on!!!

After you do both of these segments, let me know how you liked em, or why you hated em!

(Hey, we all have our opinions, we all like different things, be open to sharing your thoughts!)